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Facts on Pest Control


It’s that time of year again, you may have noticed an array of insects coming through the window, perhaps ants are starting to spread, or even bees and wasps wandering in. This situation can quickly escalate and turn into a serious problem that requires a Pest Control North Shore service. This is a company trained and knowledgeable in pests who are invading your home, it could even be a small as a fluctuation of spiders webs in the bedroom. They will inspect and inform you what you need to happen next to end the infestation. Here is what you can expect when you decide to avail of the service.


First phone call


The brief phone call will involve you giving as much detail as possible to the person on the other end. Try to explain how long the situation has gone on for, what critters are involved, if you notice any nests or breeding grounds, and also any damage that has been done. Then they will make an appointment and come out to inspect the property. Make sure you’re happy with the individual in your home and you feel satisfied with their knowledge. They should arrive in correct uniform attire. Show them about your home and point out the places of interest.




They will perform an inspection in areas including the yard, living room, any cracks in the walls, attic spaces and old furniture. Their Pest Control training gives them insight into places pests could be hiding. When this is complete they will make an official report that you can read. The next stage is the plan of action, you can take some time to discuss this in detail with them so you know what is happening, including the prices and timeframe. The final stage is making an agreement and allowing them to do their job leaving you insect free.



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